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Extended 12 Gauge Steel Shot Choke Tube

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Manufacturer: Carlsons
Manufacturer Part #: 07365
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Extended 12 Gauge Steel Shot Choke Tube

Extended Steel Shot Choke Tubes

Chokes pattern steel shot extremely well. These choke tubes feature a longer parallel section allowing for less flyers and denser patterns. Choke tubes are extended 3/4 inch outside the barrel eliminating damage to your barrel caused by prolonged steel shot use. The longer parallel section allows for use of larger steel shot in tighter choke constrictions. Chokes are made of 1704 stainless with a knurled extension and a blue finish. Each choke tube carries a lifetime warranty and all steel shot sizes may be used in these choke tubes.

Mid Range Extended Steel Shot Choke Tubes-for those situations where you are shooting 24 to 40 yards.

Fits: Browning Invector Plus Shotguns