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6mm 243 Caliber

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Manufacturer: Speer
Manufacturer Part #: 1206
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6mm/243 Caliber

6mm TNT HP-Hollow Point
Diameter: .243"
Weight: 70
Ballistic Coefficient: 0.282
Box Count: 100

Varmint hunters need special bullets that shoot tight groups and expand explosively for humane kills at long range. They need TNT.

Speer TNT rifle bullets start with precision-drawn jackets that are fluted over 90 percent of their length. Add a dead-soft lead core and you get a bullet that lives up to its namesake. Rapid expansion and complete disruption, even in cartridges with a modest velocity potential, make TNT the perfect varmint bullet.

And they're accurate. Expensive? Not at all. TNT is popularly priced yet packs all the performance and accuracy of expensive "gimmick" bullets. The only ones who don't like TNT are the varmints.

Note: These are component bullets, not loaded ammunition.