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30 Caliber

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Manufacturer: Nosler
Manufacturer Part #: 59180
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30 Caliber

Nosler's patent pending E-Tip is built on a highly concentric gilding metal frame, which provides unsurpassed penetration and weight retention. The polycarbonate tip, much like those featured on AccuBond and Ballistic Tip bullets, prevents deformation in the magazine, boosts aerodynamic efficiency, and initiates expansion.

Nosler's exclusive E² Cavity (Energy Expansion Cavity) allows for immediate and uniform expansion yet retains 95% + weight for improved penetration. Initiated by a unique OD green polycarbonate tip, the E² Cavity provides amazing stopping power and peerless penetration over a broad spectrum of impact velocities.

Along with the E² Cavity and the polycarbonate tip, Nosler's E-Tip also features a precisely formed boat-tail that serves to reduce drag and provides a more efficient flight profile for higher retained energy at long range.

For big game hunting or recreational shooting, Nosler's E-Tip is a step above today's “pure-copper” bullets. The E-Tip's proven patent pending alloy provides less fouling, while exhibiting superior accuracy and consistent performance over traditional pure copper designs. In the lead free world, the E-Tip stands alone.

30 Caliber, 180Grain Bullets (Per 50)