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NVM14-WPT Multi Purpose

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Manufacturer: ATN
Manufacturer Part #: NVMPAN14WP
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NVM14-WPT Multi Purpose

The ATN NVM14-WPT is a high-performance, versatile Night Vision Device. It is designed to be multifunctional: hand-held as a monocular, head-mounted/helmet-mounted as a single-eye Goggles, or weapon-mounted as a Night Vision Sight.
The ATN NVM14-WPT has an optional flip-up headset or helmet mount with an automatic off-feature. The automatic off-feature turns the unit off when it is flipped-up out of the viewing position.
The ATN NVM14-WPT has a host of additional features such as a built-in IR Illuminator with rotary lens to select between IR Spot or Flood Beam as well as a built-in automatic high-light cutoff to protect the Image Intensifier. The ATN NVM14-WPT™ also includes a bright light and low-battery warning indicators, built into the viewing area of the eyepiece.
The ATN NVM14-WPT Night Vision System is compatible with most weapons, IR Laser aiming/illuminating Devices and standard collimated Reflex Scopes. Optional: System/IIT service life recorder - feature, that lets you measure the hours of operation (within one minute), that have been used on the system.

*WPT is a registered trademark of American Technology Network, Corp.


- Compact and rugged design
- Waterproof
- Head or helmet mountable for hands-free usage
- Weapon mountable
- Auto Brightness Control
- Bright Light Cut-off
- Total Darkness Technology with built-in infrared illuminator and flood lens
- Compatible with most IR lasers
- Adaptable for use with cameras
- Ergonomic, simple, easy-to-operate controls
- Utilizes either a 123A Lithium battery or an AA Alkaline
- Battery Adapter included
- Optionally available patented Life Tracker System for measuring hours of operation (sold separately)
- Limited two-year warranty


- Total Darkness IR System: Yes
- "SMART" Technology: No
- Multi-Purpose System: Yes
- IIT Generation: WPT
- Resolution: 64-72 lp/mm
- Magnification: 1x
- Lens System: F1.2, 27 mm
- Proshield Lens Coating: Yes
- FOV: 40°
- Range of Focus: 0.25 m to infinity
- Diopter Adjustment: -6 to +2
- Controls: Digital
- Automatic Brightness Control: Yes
- Bright Light Cut-off: Yes
- Automatic Shut-off System: Yes
- Infrared Illuminator: Yes (Built-in with flood lens)
- IR Indicator: Yes (in FOV)
- Low Battery Indicator: Yes (in FOV)
- Power Supply: (1) 3 V lithium, or (1) AA Alkaline
- Battery Life: 50 hrs
- Environmental Rating: Waterproof
- MIL-STD-810: Complies
- Operating Temperature: -40 to +50 °C
- Storage Temperature: -50 to +70 °C
- Dimensions: 120x49x69 mm / 4.7"x1.9"x2.7"
- Weight: 0.34 kg / 0.75 lbs
- Warranty: 2 years